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1920s Style Shawls, Wraps, Scarves


1920s shawl great gatsby shawl

Shawls with sparkle and fringe are perfect for 20s events.

1920s shawls, capes and scarf coats were made of silk, lame, velvet, satin, and gold or silver brocades with dolman, bat-wing or kimono sleeves. Popular colors were black, jade, sapphire, and raspberry. They were usually worn over sleeveless evening gowns in summer to keep the night chill off. Fancy Great Gatsby style shawls were dripping in long fringe, delicately beaded or embroidered into Asian prints.  The long 1920s kimono jacket was the inspiration for 1920s Art Deco shawls, capes and light coats.  In winter, a full or half-length 1920s fur shawl kept her arms warm traveling in cold cars. Smaller fur stoles and fur shrugs topped lighter scarf coats or over heavy wool cape and coats. The feather boa was not accurate to the 1920s but came about in the flapper revival in the 60s.

Add one of these gorgeous new flapper shawls or scarves to your 1920s dress for a divine night out. Or for winter wear, wrap your self in a faux fur cape or capelet for a luxurious and warm evening.

Get ideas about how to wear a 1920s style evening wrap, coat or scarf. 

1920s shawls, scarves, capes, and scarf coats: