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1930s Childrens Fashion: Girls, Boys, Toddler, Baby Costumes

The 1930s were hard times for families. The clothing available did not always reflect these hard times except for the price. Little girls dresses looked like mom’s with natural or empire waists, knee length, rounded white collars and a matching sash tied in a bow. Many had ruffles on the hemline too. They were always colorful small prints and cheerful solid colors of sky blue, coral pink, golden yellow and jade green. As girls grew up hemlines dropped to mid shin and colors darkened. Black mary jane shoes were worn by all little girls.

Boys wore casual clothes for play: an attached shirt and shorts or shirt and pant combination suit and pullover sweaters. For formal occasions like church or school called for boys to wear little suits, most with knickers or long pants. The sialor look in white or navy made little boys into Navy captains complete with hat. For shoes boys for lace up boots.

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1930s Childrens’ Clothing: