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1930s Stockings, Nylons, Tights & Socks

1930s stockings, nylons with back seams

1937 Sheer Nude Stockings

Women in the 1930s continued to wear seamed stockings just as they did in the 1920s. Colors were shades of tan or nude that were usually darker than skin-tone. Pure sheer nude were best for evenings although the dresses were so long, you never saw them. Shades of grey were also very popular in the 1930s. Ivory or white was another option for summer clothing.

1930s Knee High Stockings

1930s Knee High Stockings

Stockings were held up with garters and came to thigh high. Knee high socks were a more comfortable alternative to stockings. Made of the same silk, cotton or rayon material the knit tops held them up over the calf.

Stockings were fully fashioned, meaning they were sewn, with a seam, into the shape of a leg. Sizes were based on shoe size with wider cut sizes for full figured legs. The back seam always matched the stocking color- never contrasting.

Socks were worn by women for sporting activities. They were colorful ankle socks with either a ribbed top or single fold down. Blue, green, white, yellow pinks in solid or stripes were common.

When shopping for 1930s style stockings for vintage look choose nude, tan or taupe back seam stockings or knee high stocking socks for most of your looks. Consider grey or white stockings for summer.

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