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1930s Style Sweaters | Vintage Sweaters

1930s Knitwear Tops and Sweaters. Shop new vintage inspired 1930s sweaters online. VintageDancer.com

1930s Knitwear Tops and Sweaters

There is nothing like a warm and cozy sweater to snuggle in during winter. Knitwear in the 1930s was worn more often than now, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean you have to knit your own top to wear a 1930s style sweater today. These 30s sweaters, jumpers,  knit shirts, cardigans, wraps and vests embrace the classic look of vintage knitwear with updated yarns and fit. Both short sleeve and long sleeves vintage 1930s sweaters are reproduced each year. Many vintage sweaters are used as inspiration for current fashion trends such as the crop sweater, novelty print sweater, and peter pan collar sweater. We have to thank the 30s for these timeless vintage sweater trends. Learn more about vintage sweater history. 

Shop new and repro 1930s vintage sweaters online from these retailers. Pair them with a 30s midi skirt or wide leg pants for a complete outfit.

1930s Style Sweaters