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1940s Dresses and Clothing UK | 40s Shoes UK

Vintage inspired 1940s dresses are the classic yet trendy style to wear this year. We love the 1940s silhouette for its simple shapes and strong ties to history. Life on the homefront was hard but not without good style! Simple shirtwaist dresses were the daytime staple. Wrap dresses added variety for day and afternoon looks like evening dresses varied from velvet columns to A-line ballgowns. We found these new dresses all featuring elements of 1940s fashion online from retailers in the UK. 40s tea dresses, WW2 era dresses, 40s swing dance dresses, vintage inspired dresses, retro dresses and more. 40s shoes, blouses, coats,  trousers, skirts and jumpers too.

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1940s Inspired Dresses  UK: