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1940s & 1950s Style Shirt Dresses, Shirtwaist Dresses

1940s shirt dress or shirtwaist dress costume idea at VintageDancer.com

1940s Costume with a Shirtwaist Dress. Learn more here.

The 1940s shirt dress or shirtwaist dress is a classic vintage retro style of dress that has lasted from the 1930s to today. Clean lines, flattering A-line skirt, fitted bodice, button up and easy to wear, the 1940s shirt dress is the most popular dress style of the 1940s. Most women wore them as a house dress, tea dress or informal afternoon dress. They came in solid colors or small floral prints and plaids. Buttons often contrasted in white against a plain color to make them POP!

1950s continued to wear the shirtwaist dress at home. The bust became even more fitted and the skirt extra full with gathered fabric and a fluffy petticoat. The full length button down shirt dress was also common in the 1950s.

As popular as they were finding a 1940s or 1950s shirtwaist dresses is not as easy as other styles. We browsed the web and found all of these vintage inspired shirt dresses for you to chose from:

1940s, 1950s Style Shirtwaist Dresses