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New 1940’s Style Zoot Suits for Sale

1940s mens in Zoot Suits

Men in Zoot Suit fashion

Popular with rebellious city youths in the 1940’s the over-sized men’s zoot suit is the preferred swing outfit for dancers today. It is also popular for creating a 1940’s gangster look. The Zoot Suit had baggy pants, an oversized long suit jacket, large short ties, and sometimes a wide fedora hat. Loud colors like purple, yellow and blue were just as common as wide stripes or narrow pinstriped suits. These illegal materials during war time made them all the more rebellious to wear.

These mens suits are made in the style of 1940’s zoot suits but with a modern take. A perfect blend between vintage and new. Click to see sizes charts on the retailers website.

Vintage Inspired Zoot Suits: