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1950s Style Guide – 1950s Fashion History

1950s Style Guide. FREE email series all about 1950s fashion for women. Over 30 articles! Only at VintageDancer.com


1950s Style Guide: 30 days of 1950s fashion history is a series of detailed fashion history articles about everyday women’s fashions of the 1950s. Explore mid-century life, culture, and fashion in this FREE series of articles delivered to your email 4 times a week.  Some of the topics you will learn about are:

  • 1950s Women’s Dresses
  • 1950s Women’s Separates: Blouses, skirts, pants
  • 1950s Shoes
  • 1950s Hats and Accessories
  • 1950s Lingerie
  • 1950s Hairstyles and Makeup
  • Intro to 1950s Men’s Fashion
  • Where to shop for vintage, reproduction and inspired 50s clothing
  • Outfit ideas for all occasions
  • and much more!

This email series delivers current 1950s fashion history articles on VintageDancer.com’s blog right to your inbox to read, share and save. We also have tips, tricks, and shopping suggestions for achieving a 1950s fashion wardrobe.  You can read many of these articles online already but by having them delivered to your email you are less likely to miss a topic. It is like reading a fashion book one chapter at a time. You can ask questions anytime, share memories of your or your family members 50s clothing, and make a suggestion on a future topic you want to read about. If you have already enjoyed the 1920s Style Guide and 1940s Style Guide series you will love our newest collection all about the nifty 50s!

“First off thank you from the depths of my soul for your informative emails! You have truly helped me develop my styles more than I ever thought possible. I absolutely love the 40’s and early 50’s style. “- Crystal E.

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1950s Style Guide- FREE 30 article email series all about 1950s women's fashion.

1950s Style Guide- FREE 30 article email series all about 1950s women’s fashion.