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1960s Costume Jewelry – 1960s Style Jewelry

1960s costume jewelry in bold colors. Perfect for your mod outfit.

1960s style jewelry in bold colors. Perfect accessories for your mod outfit.

Get the look of classic 1960s jewelry at a fraction of the cost of genuine vintage 1960s costume jewelry. Mid century mod designs in gold, pearl and colorful bead necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and pendants make these very ’60s and very affordable. 1960s jewelry trends include mod or pop art colors: black and white, yellow and green, pink and red to name just a few. Big dangling earrings in geometric shapes, stacks of thick or skinny bangles, colorful flower necklaces, and plastic character pins were all new for the space age youth. traditional women continued to wear textured gold, pearls, and paste styles. Learn about 1960s jewelry styles here. 

Shop these vintage inspired 1960s costume jewelry pieces to add to your mid century modern wardrobe. 

 New 1960s Costume Jewelry

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