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Victorian Men’s Cane, Pocket Watch, Spats, Suspenders

Victorian Men's Accessories: gloves, cane, spats, pocket watch, pocket square, tie pin, suspenders, cuff links

Victorian Men’s Accessories

Add the final details to your Victorian costume with a few Victorian Men’s Accessories. Every gentleman needs a fine pair of gloves– ideally leather but cloth works well too.  Button on suspenders won’t be seen but are necessary to holding up your high waist pants. Next, keep your boots clean with a pair of white, brown or grey wool spats or gaiters.

For men’s Victorian jewelry, a pocket watch on a chain is a must have item, a tie pin on your cravat, and cufflinks for your shirt.  A pocket square in your coat pocket color coordinates nicely with your tie.

A Victorian walking cane or black rolled umbrella is a stylish accessory too. Brass or Silver handle shout Victorian-era high fashion.  Finally for gentlemen who smoke (or eVape) a Sherlock Holmes style smoking pipe completes your Victorian men’s costume.

Browse these and more Victorian’s Men’s accessories for sale online here. Add a top hat here.

Victorian Men’s Accessories: