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Vintage Scarves- New in the 1920s to 1960s Styles

1940s scarves

1940s silk scarves

Vintage scarves are fabulous accessories to dress up a plain dress, add color to your outfit, or tame unruly hair. Since the 1920s (and before) women have been using scarves in many different ways. In spring and summer they were decorative while winter they provided warmth and character.  Consider these vintage scarf trends by decade:

  • 1920s scarves: Skinny scarves tied loose around the neck, vintage silk scarves wrapped around the head and fringe scarves covered bare arms.
  • 1930s scarves: Summer scarves draped around the shoulders to add interest to the neckline
  • 1940s scarves: Head scarves kept hair in place for working Rosie’s
  • 1950s scarves: The chiffon neck scarf added a pop of color next to a plain sweater.
  • 1960s scarves: Wrapped around the head and tied under the shun with big sunglasses everyone looked like a Hollywood actress

Now shop for a new vintage style scarf for a better selection of trending colors and vintage scarf styles.

Vintage Style Scarves