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Do you love the look of clothing from Downton Abbey season 3? I do, but I do not want to wear out my vintage 20’s clothing. Instead, I am adding 1920’s inspired clothing to my everyday wardrobe so that I can look and feel like I have a bit of Downton style on me all the time.

Thankfully there are many new clothes, shoes, and accessories that are inspired by 1920’s clothing designs that fit our modern tastes and budgets. Where can you buy Downton Abbey modern clothes? Let me show you…

Downton Abbey Modern Clothes

Downton abbey modern clothes dresses

  • Your local department store is a terrific place to start. Many modern dresses are featuring the classic 20’s drop waist with bead embellishments, fringe, and feathers. You can find formal all over beaded gowns like the Crawley sisters wore to dinner in the formal wear section, or short, playful, sheath dresses in the everyday wear sections. Look for any design that is sleeveless and has decorative bead trim, is cut straight, and comes in either rich jewel tones or soft pastel colors. Dresses with tiers of ruffles are particularly in style now and look Downtown Abbey too.  Online shopping can give you even better options than your local stores. Look here for my handpicked selection of Downton Abbey inspired dresses from around the web.


Cloche hat Wool

Cloche Hats

  • Thrift stores can be a gold mine of cheap dresses and accessories with plenty of 20’s style. The last 1920’s fashion revival was in the 1970’s and 1980’s when beaded dresses and two piece jackets and skirts were in vogue. While these dresses can look too “80’s” if you mix them with a pair of leggings, a modern cloche hat, and casually cropped jacket you can update the look easily. I also find extensive hats in thrift stores. Cloche hats, bucket hats, and sun hats always seem to be available. I usually add ribbon trim to cloche hats, and flowers and feathers to sun hats to give them more vintage 20’s style. If you don’t have a local thrift store to shop at consider buying a new 1920s style cloche hat.
1920s Inspired Delicate Crystal Necklace

1920’s Inspired Crystal Necklace at Zappos

  • Jewelry can be found at the mall in specialty jewelry stores for not much money.  The 1920’s began the use of costume jewelry where jewelry could be made to look expensive but made with cheaper materials to make them affordable. 1920’s style costume jewelry can be found almost anywhere. Look for long pearl necklaces  gold and bead chain necklaces, lariats, Art Deco drop earrings with a lot of colorful gems like ruby and emeralds. Online, shop here for 1920’s style costume jewelry.


downtown abbey modern clothes hair comb

Deco Hair Comb

  • Wedding boutiques may not be a place you shop, but once in your life but they are worth a look for 1920’s hair accessories.  Sparkling rhinestone hair clips, combs, and headbands were worn by all the Downton ladies. They accented the short hairstyles beautifully.  Tiara’s too were especially welcome with formal dresses. For day wear the ladies mostly wore hats, but in the coming season 4 I suspect we will see many more ribbon headbands and feather clips worn at all times of the day. Wedding shops have the best selection of rhinestone and pearl hair accessories.  However, I am seeing more and more sparkling headbands making their way into costume jewelry stores everywhere. Shop online for a wide range of formal and day 1920’s style hair decorations.

These a just a few ideas of where you can begin to find Downton Abbey modern clothes both locally and online. 1920’s fashion is becoming so popular this year that almost every where you look there is a skirt, a blouse, a dress, hat, or necklace that is inspired by the roaring twenties. The ladies of Downtown bring out the  effortless elegance of early 20’s clothing. You too can dress like them with a keen eye for 1920’s fashion inspiration in modern clothing


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    We are looking to buy D.A. butler and head housekeeper clothing for an actual domestic service job in a 19th century period environment. Any suggestions re: Housekeeper?


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