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Downton Abbey Inspired Dresses

1920s Downton Abbey Style Dresses from Unique Vintage

1920s Downton Abbey Style Dresses from Unique Vintage

Downton Abbey has moved from 1912 to the 1920s over the past five seasons creating a revival of early 20th century fashion.  The beautiful long, chiffon, beaded dresses worn by the Crawley sisters for dinner parties at Downton Abbey have made their way into retail clothing stores around the world. The selection of Downton Abbey inspired dresses online is even better with gowns in all price ranges, regular, petite and plus sizes, and luxurious materials that will immediately transport you back in time. Choose a long floating dress for the early seasons or a shorter beaded dress for the 1920s.

Here is an aggregate collection of Downton Abbey Inspired Dresses from multiple online retailers in the USA and UK. Click to see size and color options.

Need more? Use the menu on the left to find 1920s shoes, jewelry, and more. For 1910-1920 style clothes and accessories look here. 

 Downton Abbey Inspired Dresses:

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