1940s Hair Snoods- Buy, Knit, Crochet or Sew a Snood

1940s snoods for hair nets1940s hair snood pattern

Snoods were a popular hair accessory in the 1940’s for both daytime and work. The were a rayon or cotton crocheted net fitted with a headband. The band was worn around the top of the head and all of the hair would be encased in the snood. The band would have to be pinned in place. This hairstyle was especially useful for women working in factories because their hair had to be kept back. For this style, take the snood and fill it with hair from the bottom. Place the band of the snood where you would a headband and pin in place. You can also use a hairnet first to help keep you hair from sticking through the knit.

Snoods can be very difficult to find online. Luckily my friend at the Wacky Tuna Etsy shop carry snoods is every color you could want.

1940s hair  snood redIf you can knit or crochet you can also make your own snood.

www.knitting-crochet.com – a “Perky Snood” for both knit and crochet. No photo : (

www.jiffypatternshop.com– Has an original crochet pattern for a snood and matching purse for $3. Pictured above.

Or you can sew a snood (not authentic to the 40’s but looks vintage non-the-less.)


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3 thoughts on “1940s Hair Snoods- Buy, Knit, Crochet or Sew a Snood

  1. Katie Dore

    I am looking for someone to make me a vintage snood from a pattern I have. Know how to help me?
    Best Regards.

    1. Debbie Post author

      Look for snoods on etsy.com and contact the sellers to see if they can make a custom snood from your pattern. I bet many of them will be happy to help.

    2. Tele

      If you have’nt already located someone and if
      the snood is sewn or crocheted, I will be happy to make it for you.


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