Quick Ideas for Vintage Themed Weddings

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1950's Vintage Reproduction wedding dress
Perhaps you want your wedding to be a little different from everyone else’s, or maybe you just don’t care for modern wedding gowns.  Maybe you have always been drawn to the fashions of a particular decade, or would like to turn your wedding into a costume party.  Whatever your reason, vintage-themed weddings can be beautiful, fun, and easy to create.

Determine Your Favorite Era

The first step to planning a vintage wedding is to determine what point in history really speaks to you.  A good way to narrow it down is by looking at bridal gowns that follow the style of certain decades.  Do you like the boxy, lacey designs of the 20’s, or the pinup look of the 1940’s?  Perhaps a 70’s or 1910’s wedding would suit your personal style.  You can even go way back into the past and wear a dress from the 17th century with a corset and full skirt.  Once you determine which era you would like to base your wedding on, you can work on the details that will bring the vintage theme to your special day.

The gowns we chose were the lace and peplum Jade Gown , a throwback to 1940s suits but with a feminine bridal flair. The Ruth Gown with its long satin chapel train and off-shoulder sleeves is full of old world splendor.  The Nettie Gown  reminds me of a Degas ballerina, sweet, dreamy, and romantic.

Tying in the Theme

Executing a good, vintage-themed wedding is all in the details.  You can choose a gown that is of modern design, but nods towards yesteryear, or choose a gown that is historically-accurate.  Outfit your bridesmaids, groom, and groomsmen in fashions from the same time period.

Almost everything, from the font used on the invitations, to the centerpieces, can be tailored to fit your theme.  Hiring a band that plays classic music, or having a DJ play music from your selected era, will really help tie in the vintage feel.  Consider planning a meal that reflects the theme, as well.  For example, if you are having a 60’s-themed wedding, serve steak and gimlets instead of pasta and wine.

Lace is making a huge comeback to the wedding scene this year, and as such, 20’s-inspired weddings are all-the-rage.  To pull off this theme, choose a dress that reflects the shape of 1920’s fashion, and be sure to add the right accessories.  Gloves, close-fitting hats, and head-wraps all embody the style and spirit of the 20’s.  Play big band music, serve cocktails, and choose a black and white color scheme to make sure that the theme comes across clearly.

These are just a few examples of the types of vintage-themed weddings you can have.  Really, you are only limited by your imagination.  Doing research on the fashion and art of your favorite time in history will help you select invitations, programs, flowers, favors, and decorations that reflect your theme, as well as your personality.

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Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses from Wedding Chicks
Brass Pot from Santa Barbara Chic
Bride in Boat from Kiss the Groom
Necklace from Heart Love Weddings
Wedding Shoes from Polka Dot Bride

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