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1920s Accessories: Feather Boa, Cigarette Holder, Flask

Ladies 1920s accessories. Complete your  20s costume, Great Gatsby outfit, or flapper dress with a 1920s lace or paper hand fan, long or short gloves, hip flask, cigarette holder, feather boa, flapper bag, headband, hair wig, sunglasses, eyeglasses, flask, parasol, hats and jewelry.  You don’t need all of these for one outfit but pick and choose a few accessories to jazz up a simple 20s outfit. Read about the most popular 1920s accessories worn by women here. 

20s Accessories Ideas

  1. Dinner party: Long bead necklace, long gloves, headband
  2. Anytime: Cloche hat, handbag, gloves, cuff bracelet
  3. Gatsby party: Short gloves, layered pearls, feather boa, flask
  4. Evening affair: Turban hat, drop earrings, cigarette holder
  5. Summer tea party: Sun hat, sunglasses, mesh gloves

Shop 20s accessories below and more here: gloves, shawls/wraps, hats, jewelry, stockings, parasol or fan and handbags

1920s accessories: hat, headband, pearl necklace, drop earrings, sunglasses, cigarette holder, feather fan, parasol, feather boa, flask, purse, gloves, and makeup. Shop and learn at VintageDancer

1920s accessories

1920s Accessories