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1920s Mens Accessories: Gloves, Spats, Pocket Watch, Collar Bar

1920s mens collar bar pin In the 1920s men’s shirt collars were going soft for comfort which made them easily wrinkled. The solution was a collar bar or collar pin that neatly kept them in place. Shirt cuffs also needed mother-of-pearl or gold monogram cufflinks. These little accessories must-have items for your 1920s wardrobe. Coordinate it with a 20s necktie and pocket square to wear with all your 1920s suits.

Men’s 1920s accessories also include:

  • Gloves– White snap gloves for evenings, colored cotton or leather gloves for day use
  • Suspenders- Striped elastic suspenders or leather work suspender kept pants held up. A belt was also an option.
  • Shoe Spats- White or grey wool shoe covers for upper-class gentlemen and gangsters
  • Cane or walking stick
  • Pocket watch and watch chain. The wristwatch was just coming into fashion
  • Arm Bands- Also called sleeve garters were worn by bankers and musicians to keep shirt sleeves neat.
  • Glasses or sunglases– round metal or tortoiseshell glasses
  • Scarf- A paisley, striped or white silk men’s scarf was a new accessory in the late 1920s. Knit scarves for winter warmth
  • Bag- A messenger style bag with short handles helped men carry papers to work or school
  • Tall Socks in Argyle, fair isle, stripe or solid dark colors
  • Smoking pipe, cigar or fake e-cigs (that puff water vape for an authentic look)

Below are some accessories to help complete your 20s outfit. If you don’t find what you need ask us for help.

1920s Men’s Accessories