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1910s -1920s Sunglasses, Eyeglasses

1920s women's sunglasses 1920s sunglasses as seen in Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey. Shop 1920s style round frame sunglasses at VintageDancer.com

1920s sunglasses as seen in Great Gatsby and Downton Abbey

1910s to 1920s eyeglass for both men and women were round circle made of a tortoise shell frame. The 1920s were the beginning of tinted glasses as fashion over function. 1920s sunglasses were simple round circle frames made of metal or tortoise shell. Color tint ranged from dark grey to deep green. Movie stars sunbathing were the first to promote the new trend. Slowly the public caught on to the convenience of shades. Today wearing a 1920s style costume in the sun begs for a pair of vintage style sunglasses. Shop these new 1920s sunglasses to complete your vintage wardrobe.

1920s Style Sunglasses:

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