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  1. Looking for hat patterns – Phryne Fisher vintage. – just love the murder mysteries!

  2. What’s the name of the hat worn by shia labueof in the golf movie. ..”the greatest game ever played”.I have been trying to get an answer.. But in vain.Would be helpful,if I get an answer…

    Thank you..

  3. I love this – such an interesting read. It must’ve taken quite some time to curate all of this information. Wonderful. Thanks!

  4. Could you help me out with what you call the kind of shirt collar the man in the picture on this page labeled “1924 Man in Bowler Hat” has on?

    • A “topper” is a formal top hat but it is possible “topper” is used for any kind of men’s hat in some English languages. Congrats on your first newsboy hat. They sure are fun to wear.

  5. I want to say that the hat’s many years ago was the best but I don’t know about the one’s today. I’m looking for the best method when it comes to old school big apple or cab hat’s I want to know what is the best please
    contact me

  6. Thank you so much! had wondered about the initial “status” of Optimos, in contrast to the seemingly ubiquitous boaters, during the 1920’s.

    I will say one other thing, and that is, thankfully, I am not as elderly as the gentleman in the photo–for a while yet, anyway.

    Kind regards.

  7. Ahh, thanks for that picture from 1927 of the gentleman with the Optimo Panama Hat. As much as I love boaters they don’t quite look right on my face, and Optimos are–well, optimal, for me.

    Seriously, though, I’m thinking of wearing one to a 1920’s event this summer, and even though I know there will be more boaters, and some will no doubt think I’m not getting it right, or that Optimos are more of an early 1930’s thing, I now know that it is “correct” in its own way. Maybe they were actually considered more casual or trend-setting, who knows–

    Thanks so much!