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1920s Skirts, Gatsby Skirts, Vintage Pleated Skirts

1920s womens skirts

Late 1920s Pleated Skirts

Women in the 1920s were not always wearing dresses. The two-piece outfit- a skirt and blouse- became everyday clothing in a ladies Art Deco closet. The early twenties saw long column plaid skirts, followed by pleated mid-knee skirts in the mid-1920s( the Gatsby skirt era), and handkerchief hem chiffon skirts in the later years. Worn with a delicate sheer blouse for day wear, beaded top for evenings or loose cardigan sweater for a sporty look, 20s skirts were versatile and affordable fashion. The vintage pleated skirt has experienced a recent revival thanks renewed interest in the 20s fashion. Read more about the history of 1920s skirts. 

These new skirts have been selected for their authentic roaring 20s style. The recent trend for vintage pleated skirts works perfectly for 20s outfits. Long and short, plus sizes and petite, casual or party skirts. Or go for the “new woman” look in a pair of wide-leg chiffon pants or beach pajamas. So chic! Mix and match for your very own Great Gatsby inspired 20s look.

1920s Skirts