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1930s Style Mens Suits

1930s Men's suit fashion costume at VintageDancer.com

1930s Men’s Suit Fashion

Men’s suits in the 1930s were wide, wide, wide. Broad shoulders, long jacket, wide lapels, and pinched in waist gave the silhouette of superman. Stripes were in as well as plaids, windowpane, tweed,and  herringbone in all colors. You can get the 30s look with  a modern suit with a distinctive pattern. Avoid skinny suits and instead turn to the classic cut jackets in one size up to create a wider shoulder (add extra shoulder pads too.) Pants legs are best in a classic, high rise fit, with one or two pleats.

Sportcoats were very common as well. Men’s jackets and pants didn’t always match. A dark jacket over light grey, tan, white, and ivory was especially trendy.

We searched for some great options of 1930s inspired men’s suits. They come in patterns similar to the 1930s but with an updated fit for modern comfort. Read about men’s 1930s fashion before you shop.

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