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  1. Hi VintageDancer!

    Daniel here

    I have two questions about 30´s style and that is; I read something about a half back suite but didn’t understand what it is, could you please explain it a little bit more to me?
    And second; When men had their pants cuffed at the bottom, what did they do to keep them up? Did the sew it or something or did they have to fold it up every time they fell down?

    • Half back suits also called belt backs had about a 2 inch strip of fabric that ran along the middle of the back of men’s suit jackets from side to side. It looks like a matching fabric belt except its only at the backside. You don’t see these at all today. They went out of fashion in the late 30s to early 40s.

      Pants cuffs were turned up and often pressed into place. They usually didn’t roll down. Thicker fabric couldn’t take a pressing well but because of the stiffness of the fabric they too did not unroll often. Some bespoke tailors may place some hidden stitches under the cuff to hold them in place without pressing.