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1940s Cocktail Dresses, Party Dresses

1940s cocktail dress with heels and small hat at Modcloth

Women in the 1940s faced hard times but they were no stranger to dressing up for cocktails and dancing. Classy and elegant were the evening fashions of the forties. 1940s party dresses were knee length with an A-line or fitted pencil skirts and short sleeves. A small hat with veil, hair flowers or hair clip adorned ladies heads just as a pair of heels or peep toe wedges hugged women’s feet. 1940s cocktail dresses were a semi-formal option over the formal ballgowns of the day. As such, simple black sheath dresses with modest tops and knee length or longer hems were part of every woman’s wardrobe in the mid to late 1940s. Many featured a slender fit, ruching or draping across the waist or sides in classic colors.

Get the 1940s cocktail attire look with one of these vintage inspired party dresses. For longer 1940s formal dresses look here. 

1940s Cocktail Dresses


1940s party dresses, cocktail dress, short evening dresses at VintageDancer

1940s style party and cocktail dresses