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1940s Hair Accessories- Flowers, Snoods, Clips, Bandanas

Retro Hair Flowers at Unique-Vintage.com

Hair Flowers at Unique-Vintage.com

A classy dame could not leave the house without something on her head or in her hair. A 1940s vintage hair accessory was the answer. For working Rosie’s that was often a knit hair snood, head scarf, turban or bandanna.  For day or evening wear a pretty flower or large bow pinned to one side of the hair added a little something extra to her always Wow! hairstyle. Hair flowers were one or many small clusters in fabric or metal. The modern vintage pinup look loves to wear hair flowers and hair clips in place of a hat.

Shop these 1940s style hair accessories: scarves, snoods, and flowers to add to your 1940s fashion wardrobe.  Shop here for 1940s style hats. 

1940s Hair Accessories