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  1. I wear toeless and healess sandals with 1-2 inch wedge. Size 5.5.. I am down to my last pair and I can’t find any more. All I can find is high or lo sandals with non-skid soles. Non-skid shoes are a hazard to me since I fall. They grab the ground, the floor and the rug. they are only good on ice. I am looking for a shoe maker to see if he will make shoes for me. I am also checking Italy and France. I prefer buying American but there are no shoes for me that are made in America.

    • I would contact Celebrity. They make custom shoes with smooth soles (for dancing) but they will work well for what you need. Sometimes their website is down so I would call or email them for a catalog or just describe what you need.

  2. It’s so funny how some if not all of these styles of shoes are making a come back! Love it! Thanks for this article!


  3. Thank you for this post. My boyfriend is in the airforce and I have been looking at 1940s style clothing for us to have pictures made together. This information was quite helpful.