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1950s Crinoline, Petticoats & Pettipants

red 1950s petticoat UVTo get the fullness under a 1950s swing dresses you need a crinoline petticoat with layers of ruffles and tulle. In the 1950s, women wore at least one petticoat to add some fullness but the fancier the occasion the more petticoats were needed. It wasn’t unusual to wear 3 or 4 layers of petticoats!

Today most repro and vintage inspired 1950s dresses don’t need many petticoats. One thin petticoat will add enough volume to still be modern, while larger full petticoats will create a more dramatic 1950s style. Naturally it is fun to wear a unique color of petticoat under your dress as well as ruffled pettipant bloomers.

Most cheap petticoats are also stiff and scratchy. We have handpicked these petticoats for their softness and comfort. Many go to up 50”. Choose from any of these 1950s style petticoats and crinolines for the ’50s look you desire.

Read more about the fascinating history of 1950s petticoats here. 

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3 thoughts on “1950s Crinoline, Petticoats & Pettipants

  1. Remember the style and still feel the elegance of a young lady while wearing it! I remember the crinoline but forgot what the skirts looked like!

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