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Seamed Stockings, Nylons, Tights

vintage seamed stockings 1950s

1950s seamed stockings with fancy heel designs

Vintage stockings from the 1920s to the 1950s were worn everyday by all women. Bare legs were shunned, even during WW2 when a silk stocking shortage require many women to stain their legs and draw on seams with a pencil. Most were fully fashion, that is sew in the shape of the leg instead of stretch fit. Stockings were made of silk, cotton, wool and nylon. Up until the 1960s stockings were only thigh high, held up with garters. In the 1930s and 1940s natural skin tone with matching seams were what women wore while the 1950s saw nude or dark nylons with black seams. Cuban heel designs were popular throughout all the years.

Get the look you need with one of these seamed stockings (you can cheat and wear seamed pantyhose too):

Vintage Seamed Stockings


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Back Seam Stockings!

3 thoughts on “Seamed Stockings, Nylons, Tights

  1. There WERE sandal foot proper fully fashioned seamed nylons! These are among the rarest even then, and super hens teeth today, We have only a couple pairs. Also ‘Thong toes seamed fully fashioned stockings where the shoe has the vamp cross strap attaching between inside of big toe and the sole. The stocking has a big toe separate to the other toes. A bit like the socks with each toe separate only in sheer nylon! We have two pairs of these also, planning to do a shoot with specially made thong stilettos! Both these styles had no reinforcing, foot sheer like the leg and very fragile. Light skin tone is all we’ve seen .I can’t imagine the were popular.

  2. What about when women wore sandals or peep toe shoes? I see many examples of these types of shoes in your 1950s section, but I’m not sure about stockings.

    • They still wore stockings with a sandal foot where the toe area is all one piece of material so there are no seams down the center of it. The back seam usually ended at the heel or under the arch.