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Pin Up Dresses | Pin Up Clothing

You can’t be anything but eye candy in vintage inspired pin up dress complete with A-line or circle skirts that dance with your every step. They are the perfect figure flattering dresses for all body types because they give you a nipped in waist while camouflaging hips. A wide cinch belt helps define your waist and add a contrasting color to your look. The strapless, spaghetti or halter neck pin up dresses are the most popular 50s pinup dresses for summer.  Pinup dresses with sleeves are harder to find however with a little crop or cardigan sweater sleeveless dresses are wearable all year long.

Modern Pin Ups provide plenty of inspiration for how to wear 1950s dresses in a fresh way: Mix and match 1950s inspired dresses with colorful fluffy petticoats and a hair flower. Don’t forget seamed stockings and a comfortable but oh-so-sexy pair of wedge heels or casual ballet flats.  Think beyond the pin up dress with high waisted pants and shorts or swing skirts and tops. Use the 40s and 50s menus at the top for more pin up clothing.

Compared hundreds of pin up dresses online below in prices from cheap to fabulous. Look here for just plus size pin up dresses or this list for all pin up clothing brands.

Pin Up Dresses


1950s pin up dresses. Polka dots, florals, cherry prints and more!

1950s pin up dresses. Polka dots, florals, cherry prints and more!