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1960s Accessories- Scarves, Sunglasses, Bags, Hats

Shop vintage inspired 1960s accessories: hats, scarves, sunglasses, gloves, purses, headbands, belts, jewelry and  wigs. The mod mid century look in back in style in the UK and slowly coming to the USA. Add a sixties does twenties style cloche hat, round rim sun glasses, and vinyl purse for a put together swinging style.

Scarves or neckerchiefs were very popular in the 1960s. Wearing a square decorative silk scarf tied around your head, as a bandanna around your neck, or rolled like a headband adds instead 60s style. Longer scarves make great late ’60s hippie head scarves.

Here are some of our favorite 1960s accessories to go with your shift dress, mini skirt and gogo boots. 

1960s Accessories