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  1. Love the men’s post! You are right on the money and loved all your suggestions. When I had my magazine Swivel: Vintage Living my hubby used to write my men’s fashion column. I hope you inspire men to dress nice on the dance floor. I get so tired of t-shirts and jeans.

    One thing I might add (I just can’t help myself), if tell the fellas not to wear “baby suspenders” (that’s what my hubby calls them), clip on suspenders. They can pop off and be dangerous on the dance floor. It’s easy now days to find the button on suspenders and with a button and needle and thread you can convert any pant into one to wear with suspenders!

    ~ Tam Francis ~

  2. This is all good stuff, but I think the key for me (as I guy who had never dressed like a grown up before) was learning to wear undershirts (vests in the UK – not waistcoats). I believe they help ‘contain’ you and give your shirt mkre of a chance to stay drier – like a layer of insulation between you, your shirt and your partner!

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