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Edwardian Shoes & Boots | Titanic Shoes

Titanic style shoes, Edwardian shoes, Downton Abbey shoes, and World War 1 boots- all of these phrases are looking for 1900-1920 style women’s shoes. Common Edwardian shoe fashions included boots for walking, slippers, and mules for evening dinners, and mary jane flats or oxfords for home use. The secret to the design is in the ornamentation. Dyed to match the dress, formal shoes had glass beads, embroidery or fine silk prints embellished on the shoes. Pom poms, multiple straps, and small bows also decorated the vamp and toes.

Women’s boots were worn during the day for walking, traveling and working. They were usually mid-calf with a 2-3 inch heel and either laced up or buttoned up with the help of a button hook. The two tone black and white or brown and white button boot was popular in the later years. They looked like shoe spats.

You can wear any of these new Edwardian shoes or Titanic style shoes and boots we found online and add some bling for an extra special evening look.

New Edwardian  Shoes