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Steampunk Clothing, Fashion, Costumes

Mixing up the Victorian age with a neo-futurism creates an adventurous wave of DIY costuming: Steampunk! There are no rules, there are no limits to designing in Victorian Steampunk clothing that are as unique as you are. Women often start out with Steampunk costume essentials like a bustled skirt, corset top, jacket, mini top hat, goggles and Victorian lace up boots. Colors are usually black or brown with accents of deep red, ivory, and green. Lace and ruffle trim give it that antique Victorian age while leather and brass bring it into the industrial age.

Steampunk men wear traditional Victorian clothing with a darker side to it such as striped pants, brocade vests, leather suspenders, a holster with faux gun, military boots, top hat, and sunglasses. Men’s Steampunk clothing is part adventurer, part scientist, and part engineer.

With so many choices where do you begin? Right here!  We gathered hundreds of Steampunk clothing essentials for both women and men from online brands we love. Plus sizes too!

Steampunk Costumes for Women

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Steampunk Clothing for Men


Guides to Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk Essentials for Women – Quick guide to all the essentials clothes or costume pieces you need to mix and match a Steampunk outfit.

Steampunk Costume Essentials for Men – Quick guide to all the essentials clothes you need to mix and match a Victorian-Steampunk costume.

An example of our Steampunk Moulin Rouge Costume (women and mens)

Our wildwest steampunk costumes from thrift store clothes. Toddler costume too.