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Victorian Wigs, Hand Fan, Purse, Gloves Accessories

Complete your Victorian dress costumes with accessories:

  • Start with a perfectly styled Victorian wig and decorate with hair jewelry like a knit snood, clip or hair comb.
  • A lace Victorian hand fan will not only keep you cool but add beauty to your outfit. A lace Victorian parasol will keep you shaded as well.
  • Add long or short leather gloves for day and evening dresses
  • Carry a Victorian purse, handbag or small pouch like a reticule or tie it to your belt.
  • A wide medici belt might be needed for skirt and blouse outfits.
  • Keep shoes clean with spats

Shop more accessories such as Victorian hats, long shawls or fur wraps, and Victorian era jewelry. 

Victorian Costume Accessories