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Victorian Hand Fan, Gloves, Belt Accessories

Complete your Victorian costumes with period-inspired Victorian accessories: gloves, belts, hand fans, hair accessories and more.

  • Start with a perfectly styled Victorian wig and decorate with hair jewelry like a knit snood, clip or hair comb.
  • A lace Victorian hand fan will not only keep you cool but add beauty to your outfit. A lace Victorian parasol will keep you shaded as well.
  • Add long or short leather Victorian gloves for day and evening dresses. Read the history of gloves. 
  • Carry a Victorian purse, handbag or small pouch like a reticule or tie it to your belt. Shop Victorian purses here. 
  • A wide Victorian medici belt might be needed for skirt and blouse outfits.
  • Keep shoes clean and stylish with Victorian shoe spats

Shop more accessories such as Victorian hats, long shawls or fur wraps, and Victorian-era jewelry. 

See below for pictures of Victorian hand fans, gloves and belts.

Victorian Costume Accessories


Victorian Hand Fans

Hand fans were a very pretty and necessary accessories of the Victorian lady. In an era without air conditioning and poor hygiene, a fan helped keep a lady cool and fresh. The use of one, how it was held, when it was used, what it was made out of, spoke a silent language about the holder. Hand fans were mostly made of feathers. Long fluffy ostrich feathers were the most elegant while shorter bird feathers were used on some designs or blended with silk, satin, and lace for a hybrid fan. In the mid-Victorian era the trend for the Japanese style painted silk hand fans exploded.  The frames were made of wood or tortoiseshell, elegantly carved. A long chain or wrist ribbon was attached to make carrying them easier, although most ladies handed them off to a spouse to hold instead.

1882 Victorian Japanese hand fans

1882 Japanese hand fans

Victorian Gloves

Ladies Victorian gloves were worn at all times except for eating or using the facilities. Lid leather was the most common and durable option. Fabric gloves were cheaper and cooler to wear. Lace or knit mech were preferred in summer. Fingerless gloves kept hands warm inside in winter. Fur line or suede gloves were worn in winter. For evenings extra long silk gloves cascaded up the arms. Ladies gloves were long enough to cover the arm up until the dress sleeve overlapped.  The following are examples of gloves from the mid to late Victorian period. For a history of gloves from the 1900s onward look here. 


Victorian Belts

Belt son women were a rare thing except for two decades. Around the Civil war the Medici belts was a wide belt that separated blouses and skirts.  It went out of fashion until the 1890s to 1900s when the masculine, practical look was back in style. Belts were corset like with lace up fronts or large buckles in the center.

1893 ladies belts

1893 ladies belts