1920s Downton Abbey Style Clothes

Downton Abbye Mary crawley formal dinner dress

Mary’s Formal Gown

Watching Downton Abbey I can’t help but fall in love with the clothes.  So elegant, so refined, so other worldly.  While we can’t exactly go back in time to wear vintage clothes in their prime condition we can wear new vintage inspired clothes that are a perfect combination of past and present. Downton Abbey style clothes come in very formal evening dresses that the Crawley sisters wore to dinner and the simple day wear of the working class. Whether you want reproduction 1920’s clothing or a more modern take on 20’s style there is something here for you. Read about how to spot Downton Abbey style in clothing today and then follow the links to the shop pages where I show you hundreds of 1920’s style clothing  to buy online.


Downton Abbey Style Clothing

Downton abbey dresses for sale

Most Popular Downton Abbey Dress

1920s Inspired Beaded Dresses

1920 dinner dress flapper dress

Edith’s Dinner Dress

Breathtaking, beautiful, fully beaded evening gowns are back in fashion thanks to Downton Abbey.  Long, sleeveless dresses with all over beads and sequins bring formal dresses back to the elegant early 1920’s.  Short beaded dresses were seen in the mid to late 20’s which we will expect to season in Season 4 of Downton Abbey. Gowns made by Sue Wong, Mon Cheri, and other top designers are plentiful this year. Intricate beading is making its way on tops and blouses too for day wear. Add a long pleated skirt to complete your 20’s day look. Wearing any beaded dress or top will certainly get you started on the road to a 1920’s Downton Abbey style. Shop formal Downton Abbey style dresses.

Tiered Tea Length  Dresses

downton abbey hats

Tea Dresses and Summer Hats

Make a Downton Abbey costume

Create a 1920’s Downton Abbey Look

Beading is very expensive to make both back in the 20’s as well as today. The ever popular cotton, silk, or chiffon tea dress was what most woman wore to afternoon parties. These dresses were “tea” length meaning they came to mid shin in soft pastel colors or white for special summer time events.  They often had a few wide tiers of fabric on the skirt. The drop wait (just below the hip) was what set the 1920s style dresses apart from other eras. Today drop waist tiered tea dresses are everywhere in both formal and day wear looks. The fluttering layers give them that “flapper” look without the cheap fringe. Perfect for summer, many long tiered dresses, make great winter party dresses as well. Shop 1920’s inspired dresses and 1920’s plus size dresses. Many early 1910s dresses were still in fashion in 1920 as well:

1920’s Style Cloche Hats

cloche hat downton abbey

Wide Cloche Hat

The classic tight fitting, short brimmed hat of the 1920s is the cloche. They have been back in fashion for a few years now so they are very easy  to find. Wool cloche hats for winter and straw hats for summer. Decorations range from the simple side bow to more elaborate Art Deco ribbon designs, peacock feathers, and beaded applique. The cloche hats in Downton Abbey feature wide brims and short crowns. These early 20’s style hats are harder to find today. Shop new 1920’s inspired cloche hats.

 Enchanted Atelier Contessa Headband
Contessa Headband at shopbop.com

1920’s Headbands

1920s headband downton abbey

Mary Wearing a Rhinestone Grecian Hair Clip

Instead of hats, the ladies of Downton preferred the latest 20’s craze- headbands! Not just any headbands these were full of beads, gems, rhinestones, and sprigs of feathers. The different styles ranged from a decorative hair comb on one side, a beaded headband, a full cover head piece, or a sparkling tiara. You can read more about the different styles here. At Downton Abbey headbands were usually worn just at dinner since hats were generally not encouraged. Later in the series I think we will see more headbands worn during the day as well. Today sparkling headbands are easy to find. The prettiest bands are sold as wedding accessories. Many styles, materials, and price ranges can be found. Shop 1920’s Style Headbands and hairclips.

Silk Shawls and Scarf Coats

1920s downton abbey coat

Fringe evening wrap coat

Silk shawls, scarf coats (above) and evening wraps, often beaded were stunning accessories worn with formal wear. Lady Granthom wore many beautiful evening shawls with her dinner wear in Downton Abbey. Even the Dowager accessorizes her looks with silk shawls that were in style with the previous teens decade. In winter fur wraps, muffs, and hats kept the ladies warm as well as exceedingly fashionable. Today faux fur timed accessories are in style as well as beaded and fringed evening shawls. Throw one on over almost any formal dress for instant 20s glamour. Shop 1920’s style wraps, shawls and scarf coats.

1920s Style Shoes

dwotn abbey t strap shoes

T-strap Shoes at Modcloth.com

Since dresses were becoming shorter shoes in the 1920’s had to become prettier. Boots were out of fashion for evening wear and slowly going out of fashion for day wear too. Instead ladies preferred dancing shoes with T-straps, Mary Jane single straps, and higher heels. Heel heights were only to 2.5 to 3 inches and were very chunky heels (no skinny heels yet.) Most shoes were black or brown leather or white fabric  in summer. Very formal shoes were hand painting to match the dresses and some were covered with beads or featured rhinestone shoe clips to add some sparkle.

Today t-straps, Mary’s Jane’s, and lace up oxford shoes are coming back in fashion. Reasonable height chunky heels make them even more vintage looking. Read more about and shop for 1920s style shoes for women.

1920s Art Deco Style Jewelry

Art Deco Pearl & Crystal Necklace
Art Deco Pearl & Crystal Necklace at 1928.com

With the exception of long pearl necklaces, 1920’s style jewelry has almost been forgotten.  The Art Deco movement with its geometric shapes, distinct color palate, and global influences is slowly coming back into fashion. Most of the 20’s style jewelry feels more 1970’s Art Deco revival and that’s ok. 1970’s fashion jewelry is very in style today. From leather headbands, to over sized gold geometric necklaces, and long beaded necklaces the 20’s style is still very much an influence. In Downton Abbey we see the more traditional long bead and gem necklaces worn by the ladies. You can shop for these and many more 1920s style jewelry here.

Downton Abby inspired clothing for woman

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