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1920s Coats, Flapper Coats, 20s Jackets

1929 Coats. 1920s style coats for sale online. Shop VintageDancer.com

1929 Coats

Ahhh, to be wrapped up in a warm winter coat with all the glamour of days gone by- that is a dream come true. Embracing 1920s fashion these new flapper coats can transform your wardrobe into something the ladies of Downton Abbey, Miss Fisher, or Great Gatsby’s Daisy would wear. Short leather flight jackets were an option for the bold Amelia Earhart’s of the roaring twenties too. Light coats and long jackets were worn by mature women, such as the Dowager in Downton Abbey.

Mid hip to knee length, the cocoon to the raccoon (faux that is) 1920s coats and jackets, sewing patterns and capes are available online from these fashionable retailers:

Learn about women’s 1920s coats before you shop. Shop shawls, fur wraps, and scarves too.

1920s Style Coats