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  1. Quick question. Since Indiana Jones takes place in the 1930’s, was Indy’s fedora more suited for the 50’s/60’s, or was it a popular choice of headgear in the 30’s

    • As the article mentions Fedora hats were worn in the 1930s (back to the 1910’s to be more precise.) Some of the details such as brim size and crown treatment changed but the overall design is very much part of the 1930s. I like the Indy hats because my husband has a large head and the wide brim on the fedora looks best on him (and is accurate for the 30s as well.) The 50s had a much narrower brim with slightly shorter pinched crown.

  2. Nice writeup on hats! Just FYI, a good source for new ’30s style hats is Also, this site — — offers a good selection. Both sites ship hats that have open crowns. The wearer can shape, or “bash”, them as he likes, just as was the case in the ’30s. Many of us who own and wear these hats congregate at, where you can get more tips on where to find authentic old-style hats. it might be nice for you to link to these hats, which are a bit more authentic than many of the ones you link to. These hats are slowly making their way back into style. Thanks again for a great site!