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  1. In answer to your question as to what ppl did when dancing without a bag too small to hold . Time was more simple and trusting then . The population was millions upon millions less & when out at a fine dinner engagement with friends , there were always a gentleman that would sit out a song & watch the gals purses – not so much for theft , more for no one grabbing the wrong bag when leaving . Hope that helped you youngster .

  2. Question. What did women do with their purses when at a dance eg. a 1940s swing. Did they just leave them on a chair? You can’t dance with a purse in your hand. Curious. I’d be worried my purse would gain legs and walk off with “someone” 😉

    • Great question. Women would leave them on a chair or under a coat. If it was a fancy place they probably had a coat check/purse checkroom. There were less likely a chance of petty theft at a dance. People were more trusting back then. When I go out to a dance or event I either leave my things in the car or have my husband put my wallet in his coat or pants pocket. I have left purses at dances too (usually out of sight or within my constant sight) and so far have not had an issue. Dresses with pockets are great for this very reason, but hard to find.