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  1. this is an amazing article. Thank you.
    As I am in the very beginning stages of replacing all of my current wardrobe with mostly ’40s (some late ’30s and early ’50s too) style fashion, I find this article very inspiring. I was worried as a plus size woman with very wide shoulders how I was going to accomplish this without looking even bigger. The pictures were an amazing help too as I am a visual person.
    Thank you again for all the wonderful tips.

  2. Excellent post with useful information. LOVED seeing the vintage magazines – that really helped!

  3. The post is very helpful in enhancing your dressing styles when you are plus sized. I have an apple shape figure, and always like to wear chain belt low on the hips.

  4. Everything shown here is spot-on for my figure. Like another poster mentioned, jewel necklines are the absolute worst on me. They aren’t even comfortable, much less flattering. Sweetheart necklines, while difficult to find, are my favorite and look great. V-necklines, square necklines and deep oval necklines are also excellent. Sleeves in short or 3/4 length seem to work nicely. I don’t wear skirts or dresses, because I have an abnormal curve in my back that exaggerates the derriere, and they never fit right or are flattering from the side or back. Jackets or blazers without a waistline band in the back can even out the depth of curve, and make my clothes look much better. A lot of my weight is carried from the waist down. I’ve always been 2 sizes smaller in tops than I have in pants. Dresses never fit me correctly because I’m also long-waisted, and the waistlines ride up approaching empire length! Not a good look. I would probably look great in several of these styles, providing they were properly proportioned. Pants look good as long as the waistline isn’t too low, and the legs are straight, not tapered. Tapered pants make me look like an ice cream cone! So, the pants designs from the 40’s would have been fine.

  5. Thanks for the great post. For my tall figure with a full bust and thick waist, dresses or skirts that end just below the knee look out of proportion (although they are flattering to the legs). I need to lengthen skirts to mid-calf. Gathers at the waist don’t work either, so a fuller A-line or partial circle skirt works for me. V or sweetheart necklines are great. Jewel necks are the absolute worst on me. Every figure can look good, it’s just a matter of trial and error!