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1940s Pinup Dresses for Sale

Shop 1940s 1950s pinup dresses by Stop Staring and more at VintageDancer.com

Our favorite Pinup dress brand, Stop Starring, at Unique-Vintage.com

Vintage 1940s pinup fashion is hot. The pin up look took center stage in the 1940s as men went off to war. Tighter dresses, shorter skirts, revealing tops were all part of the fanciful look of the 1940s pinup. Their beauty kept men hopeful to return home. The styles inspired a wave of form fitting women’s pinup dresses in the 1950s.

Wearing pinup style dresses today can make you feel as sexy as vintage pinups look. Got curves? Pinup clothing is designed for you! The modest tops paired with a wiggle pencil skirt add just the right amount of classic sexiness every woman wants (and every man appreciates too.)

These 1940s and 1950s pinup dresses for sale are many of the best new styles sold online in all price ranges and regular or plus sizes. Once you have your dress you will need shoes, hats or hair accessories, and stockings to complete your transformation.

Pinup Dresses:



Vintage style pinup dresses! Find these at VintageDancer.com and Unique-Vintage.com

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