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The Sixties- Mad Men Fashion

The 1960’s was a decade of hopefulness, love, music and tragedy.  Political assassinations, anti-war demonstrations and Woodstock dotted the decade with good and evil.  Still it was a time where peace, love and understanding became the mantra for the present and the future.

In 2007, a television series depicting the 1960’s was released called Mad Men.  Set in New York City, it portrays several characters working at a successful advertising firm on Madison Avenue.  Along with its growing popularity and awards for Best TV programs, it also has an attraction for the fashion (those Mad Men clothes are hot!), style and wardrobe from that era.

The show has been nominated twice for Best Costume Design with a win in 2009.  Vintage Dancer picked up on the success of this period drama and added a wide array of Mad Men clothes to our already existing portfolio of retro clothing.  We offer a range of styles from the 1920’s to the 1960’s for both men and women.

Women’s dresses and accessories are profiled as well as men’s suits including jackets, pants, ties and vests. Hats and shoes make up the ensemble for both men and women.  Retro plus size clothing for women is also available in our selection featuring cocktail dresses as well as circle and pencil styles.  The men’s line features skinny ties, thin lapel jackets and accessories such as cuff links for those French cuff shirts that complete the Don Draper look.

Retro isn’t just historic and nostalgic, it’s ‘in’, which is why Vintage Dancer offers the most complete lines of retro clothing suitable to any era in the 1900’s up to the 1960’s as well as the 19th century Victorian era.  The owner, Debbie Sessions, is a published author of Style Guide books and in 2013 will release the 1920’s edition of her Style Guide book.

Vintage Dancer can outfit you for any costume party or even historical re-enactments such as the civil war.  Pictures and descriptions of all merchandise are featured on our website along with very reasonable prices.

Many of today’s fashions are based on yesterday’s fashions although women seem to suit the transition more easily.  The mini skirt of the sixties inspires many recent designs of today.  Many of the fifties styles including varsity sports wear and poodle skirts can be worn today with ease.

Whether you’re looking for Mad Men clothes, Retro Plus Size Clothing, or other eras, Vintage Dancer has the perfect fit for you!  Find your genuine vintage style clothing and satisfy your nostalgic heart.

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