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  1. So glad I found this sight. Been racking my brains trying to remember what we called saddles. In my memory no one really wore them in San Antonio and if they did they were clunky, stiff and hard leather. They came out in the late sixties, supple leather and rubber soles. Really jazzy. We called them rah rahs. They were the in shoe to wear at the University of Texas among sorority and fraternity members. Later in the 70’s and 80’s women wore spectator heels patterned like a saddle oxford. Loved them.

  2. We wore these black and white saddles somewhere between the years 1972 to 1976. They did become fad again. Interesting history. Thanks!

  3. Several years ago I tried to find out where the saddle shoes originated. Spalding created the first one as a men’s first athletic shoe. Before that there were white shoes that had a narrow band of a different color leather that ran across the shoe where the bottom of saddle is now.

  4. Does anyone remember calling the black and white saddle shoes Bee Boppers? I was born in 1958 and had a few pairs of these in grade school which would have been in the late 60’s…

  5. I’m in my early 40s and I have pictures of myself wearing these shoes as a toddler in the mid-late ’70s. Maybe in rural central PA those shoes were still in style on little kids. I looked back on those pictures as an older kid thinking the shoes were so ugly but now I think they are cute and hope the come back in style.

  6. I couldn’t believe it when I read Wyvonne Burkett’s post from June 21, 2015. Unfortunately, her link to reply failed.
    I too have been looking for the same square toe oxfords from the 70’s; even seeing a picture would be nice. I still remember the day my mom finally drove me to, I believe Shoe City at the time. They were made by Rah-Rah I recall. I remember wishing I could have 2 pair, I loved them that much. I remember not even liking the popular more expensive round toe styles. Once I saw one of my school mates wearing a pair of the squared toe style, I had to have my own. They were different and looked so cool to me. I wore them as long as they lasted. Till this day I still like a very square toe.
    Funny how we remember and long for special things and experiences from our past, like the best pizza ever when I was in college at Alabama in the seventies. Haven’t tasted another as good sense.

  7. I wore B&W Spaldings in college during the late ’50’s.
    It was an all male Ivy League school with mostly prep school guys.
    Probably half had a pair.
    I still wear mine, having bought some on e-bay over the years.
    Lots of nice comments from those who see me in them.

  8. I went to a private high school in the early to mid-2000s. It was founded in the height of saddle shoe fashion, so naturally the school uniform included saddle shoes. My school orientation packet included a list of local places to buy real, old fashioned black andwhite leather saddle shoes with the red sole (not sure if the red sole was required, but it’s what everyone had). They were not cheap to buy, but they lasted me the entire 4 years of me wearing them to school every day with my knee socks, plaid skirt, and blouse. A friend of mine still wears hers occasionally, and they just started to really fall apart. They were torture to wear for about the first month, and then after that they were perfectly formed to your foot and really comfortable.

    • It would be interesting to see if the merchants of places to buy saddle shoes were still in operation. I am always on the lookout for more sources. Thanks for sharing your memory.

  9. hi, like the site. but do you have any info. on the dress code of the 1990’s. would love to read.

  10. When I was in elementary school in the 60’s I hated them. Couldn’t get them to wear out. But in the early to mid 70’s they came out in a square toe & I loved them. I’m 57 years old & I have searched far & wide for a pair like that. I would probably buy a couple pair if I could find them. I have a thing about shoes. I currently have 60 pair of shoes & some of them quirky. All shapes, sizes & colors. So if anyone out there find any let me know. Thank you.

  11. Does anyone remember the bubble saddle shoes with the snap closure and the back buckle? I had a pair and loved them (back in the 50’s).

    • I remember the Bubble Saddles. I believe if the buckle was fastened, you were going steady. I don’t remember boys wearing them. Do yhou?

      • I had a pair in the late 50’s Black& White with a buckle in the back but the boys shoes also had a Black back stay. I had a pair .

    • Hi
      I remember if the buckle was closed you were going steady. If it was open, you were available.

  12. Very nice write up. I think saddle shoes are undergoing a revival judging by the number for sale on eBay. They have been around for over a hundred years since Spalding created them as a tennis shoe for men in 1906.

  13. This is the first time I’ve seen the “Soap and Water” Saddle shoes with the red rubber sole like I had in the mid-50’s.

  14. I recall (but so far no one else has the same memory) that there was a saddle shoe of the late 1950s that was called a “bubble shoe.” Any support for that memory. It was a slimmer profile saddle shoe – thin sole, not as boxy a toe, not as substantial looking.

  15. I haven’t found a better source for vintage style Saddle oxfords than Muffys. I remember all the cheerleaders in the 70’s at the several various high schools in my area where I grew up wearing color-coordinated saddle oxfords in schools colors, no matter what those colors were. One school had green and whites, ours had red and whites, another had blue and beige to go with their blue and gold. I don’t recall all the different color combinations of all the schools ~ just that everyone seemed to be able to come up with what they needed! Muffys even has pink and white! My personal favorite is the navy blue and beige saddle oxfords, and one of these days I’m still going to have some!