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1920s Flapper Dresses

1920s style flapper dresses, Great Gatsby Dresses, Roaring Twenties at VintageDancer.com

1920s Style Flapper Dresses at Unique Vintage

You will be cutting a rug in one of these quality vintage inspired 1920s flapper dresses with beading and sequins that shimmy, shake and shine. Flattering drop waist design is easy to wear on all body types. Add some flapper dress accessories such as t-strap shoes, headbands, jewelry and hats to really be ready for your big night out. Learn about the history of real flapper dresses too.

Plus size gals shop here for 1920s flapper dresses just for you. Cheaper Halloween flapper dress costumes are also available.  For long dresses and gowns look here. 

New Flapper Dresses for Sale:

3 thoughts on “1920s Flapper Dresses

  1. Loved the articles in the 1920’s section. Very authentic, you have a good grasp of this era. Well done. Nice Web site.

  2. Hi! I’d like to say that with half the dresses (more like tunic shirts) you have on here aren’t at all time correct. Yes, some are nice and rather correct but all I can focus on are the short skirts and shirt like dresses. If people saw a woman with a dress midway up her thigh she’d get fined for obscenity and then everyone in the city would know that woman as an atrocious tramp. Dresses of the time only went above the knee and at most 2 inches above the knee. So, as everyone should know, Flappers didn’t even dare to go that short so why should you?

    • Megan, You are absolutely correct. Authentic 1920s were never above the knee. The Tunic shape is also a 60’s version of a 20’s dress rather than vintage 20s too. However since the majority of shoppers buying “flapper dresses” are not interested in being 100% accurate I offer a range of dresses that have some of the look and feel of 1920’s dresses while also being modern and trendy. There is something for every shopper based on their own understanding and desire to be authentic or vintage inspired.

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