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1920s Style Costumes

Halloween or Fancy dress costumes for a 1920’s flapper dress and gangster men’s suit. Women’s and Men’s costumes in 1920’s style are popular this year thanks to TV shows Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby movie. Get ready to dance the night away at your local Speakeasy in one of these fun, cheap, 1920’s costumes (most are under $100).

Look here for higher quality women’s 1920’s dresses, flapper shoes, hatsheadbands, purses, jewelry and men’s suits, hats, and shoes.

Make your own 1920s women’s and men’s costumes too.

 1920s Costumes

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  1. Would not take my credit card want to order 1920 costume…….please contact me so I can phone you!
    Sequin and Fringe Coral and Black Flapper Dress!

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