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1940s Style Prom, Party, Cocktail Dresses

1940s formal dresses at Vintagedancer.com

1940s Formal Dresses

hese 1940s style prom dresses, formal dresses and evening gowns are new dresses with plenty of elegant 1940s fashion inspiration. Perfect for special occasions with a vintage theme.

Authentic 1940s dresses were long with layers of chiffon hanging down from the empire waist. A matching bolero jacket was sometimes worn over the prom dresses. Teenagers preferred pastel and jewel tone colors. Sequins and beads added a bit of sparkle around the waist bodice and straps. Many formal dresses embrace the classic a- line silhouette made popular in the 1940s. By the late 40s the strapless ballgown was new trend. Read about the history of formal gowns in the 1940s here. 

For an old Hollywood or inspired 40s look consider pin up dresses.  These 1940s party and cocktail dresses create a vintage vixen look that show of curves in the most flattering ways.

1940s Style Prom  & Party Dresses

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