Make an Easy Victorian Costume Dress with a Skirt and Blouse

19286 victorian costume

The Victorian Skirt and Blouse Dress, c. 1826

Over the years I have received several requests for how to easily make a costume- especially Victorian costumes. Usually the need is for a school play or one time event so the budget is very small. The least expensive ready made Victorian dress costumes runs at least $100. You don’t have to spend that to get a good dress costume using clothing you may already have. With some items in your closet, from a thrift store or a with a little sewing know how you can make a Victorian outfit very easily. I will warn you that a home made projects often turns out to be just as expensive as ready made costumes once you start buying nice clothes, more lace, and Victorian style accessories.

Victorian Costume Dress

Easy Victorian Dress Costume

Easy Victorian Dress Costume

The simplest dress for Victorian women was a skirt and blouse. Women wore this combination the entire duration of the Victorian years. The change in silhouette over the years was with the type of skirt. Very large round skirts of the 1860’s (Civil War) embraced the early years while the narrower A-line skirts of the late 1890’s to 1910’s were in full fashion during the Edwardian era.

Tan skirt, belt, Blouse and flower hat.

Tan skirt, belt, blouse and large flower picture hat.

The easier skirts to find are the A-line skirts. The picture on the left is of a black polyester, 6 panel A-line skirt I found at a thrift store. The skirt on the right is a 4 panel A-line with a brocade texture. You want as much volume at the bottom as you can find so that it sways as you walk.

Next you need a petticoat. Wearing another skirt with volume underneath will give you enough poof. Add two or three skirts for more volume. I like Bohemian style skirts made of very light cotton (photo below). They add volume but not weight. To get a bit more puff at the bottom you can sew on a wide ruffle all around the skirt about 8-10 inches above the hem. Add more ruffles for more volume. Tulle netting ruffles adds volume without weight. This will give the outer skirt a flared effect. An A-line or trumpet shaped petticoat made for wedding dresses also works very well just be sure you can move comfortably in it.

Navy Bohemian Cotton Blend Woman's Skirt

Victorian Blouse- I take every opportunity I have to pick up a white or ivory lace blouse. Traditional Victorian blouses buttoned up the back with a high round collar or classic pointed collar in the later years. The back button blouse seems to be back in fashion this year. I found two at Forever 21 last week (photos above). If you can’t find a back button blouse you can use a classic front button blouse. Look for blouses with inset lace, lace trim, pin tuck pleats, or gathers at the sleeve and bust. Also long sleeves are preferred over short. Never sleeveless.

Women's Lace Collar Long Sleeve Blouse
Lace Long Sleeve Blouse

more Victorian Style Blouses:

Skirt Belt- You don’t have to wear a belt but I think it looks better with one. A  black leather or fabric belt is all you need. 2 inch belts gradually grew to 6 inch belts by the end of the era. If the buckle looks to modern I sometimes will buckle it at the back and add a Victorian brooch pin to the front (like I did above.)  For a softer more Edwardian style use a folded or gathered scarf and tie it around your waist. The skirt and belt should sit on the the waist, above the bellybutton.

That is all you need for an easy Victorian costume. Read on for more skirt variations and tips to accessorize.

Civil War Skirts

Victorian Costume red 1

My Civil War skirt with two light skirts underneath

To make a large Civil War skirt using your sewing skills you can follow these simple directions here. If you have no sewing skills you can use a large ballgown skirt from your local thrift store. These are usually made of taffeta or shiny satin which is not period accurate but it really doesn’t matter for most occasions.  Colors were muted lighter colors or dark saturated colors and even patterns like big plaid and stripes. Don’t get tulle ballgowns. Formal ballgowns made of satin are great but tulle will not work as an outer skirt (although it works well as an underskirt to get the skirt volume.)

Sometimes you can’t find a separate skirt in which case you can cut off the bodice from a ballgown dress and add a simple waistband. Replacing zippers with hook and eyes will make it look even more period accurate.

Civil War skirt with Hoop Skirt underneath

My Civil War skirt with Hoop kkirt underneath

The fullness of your ballgown skirt will depend on the petticoat underneath. A hoop shirt is your best choice if you have the budget to buy one. The ones designed for wedding ballgowns or quinceanera dresses are good but can be made better if you reduce the lowest hoop circumference a few inches so that the overall effect is round on top and straight to the floor instead of flared out in A shape.

Without a hoop skirt you can use a full tulle skirt, layers of lighter skirts, wedding petticoats, or sew one.



Victorian Accessories

Adding some good accessories can transform your simple costume dress into an amazing Victorian outfit.  I recommend buying a Victorian style brooch, necklace, shawl, hat, gloves and shoes.

Jewelry- A brooch pin, such as a Cameo, is an easy Victorian accessory that can be worn in a few different places.  Try it on your left heart, your blouse collar, your belt, or your hat.

Necklace- Wearing as much jewelry as you can was a sign of your wealth. A filigree Y shape necklace or pearls with pendant are easy to find and can look very Victorian. Add matching earrings if you wish

.Photographic Flashback Cape in Ivory
Lace Cape in Ivory

Shawl- A fur,  knit or crochet shawl wrapped over your shoulders bring you back to the feeling of living in the VERY cold Victorian London. A Lighter lace wrap or chiffon shawl is perfect for summer events or indoor tea’s (Above- Flashback Cape was at

Hat- Victorian hats came in all shapes and sizes depending on the decade. Small straw plate shaped hats can be curved and bent into cute perch hats, while large straw brim hats can be decorated with feathers and flowers for the Edwardian look.

ShoesLace up boots in black or brown are the most accurate. Otherwise black oxfords, Mary Jane’s, mules, and  flats will work too.

Parasol- A lace parasol is one more accessory that is a must have for an outdoor event. You can buy a ready made one from a costume supplier for cheap or for a little more make one like I did here.

More Costumes ideas:

I thoroughly enjoy it when I get emails asking how to make a costume by refashioning new clothes. I have one more post on another “Titanic” era dress I am making this week as well as a Victorian bustle dress I am refashioning in the next month or so. I also have oodles of thrift store clothes that I’m re-making into 20’s, 30’s and 40’s outfits.

If you have any other “costume” you want me to make please just ask here in the comments or via email. I love a good challenge! ( I can do men’s too.)


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