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  1. I would love to know what might have been popular (if anything) to wear whilst driving a convertible to keep the face protected…. can you suggest?

    • A long scarf wrapped around the head and crossed under the chin and big sunglasses would have been fashionable and useful against the wind. Otherwise, a crescent hat secured with combs or pins might have worked as long as the car was driven on city streets at a slower pace.

  2. Thank you. This article really helped me build the costumes for my school’s production of 12 Angry Women.

  3. I liked this vary much. I go into vintage shop’s a lot but I smile because a lot of the stuff is what I had to wear to school. My son is in to old rock bands he was so happy he got him an AC/DC t-shirt. I told him to go and look in the attic he would find shirts like it in chest, now I can’t get them back. LOL

  4. This is the best article on 1950s hats that I’ve come across so far! It has often been hard for me to tell exactly what makes a hat style “1950s” simply the fashions were so varied, but I really enjoyed the outline here. I think the “half hat” looks most like what Lucille Ball used to wear.

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