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Ask the Vintage Dancer!

Debbie Sessions

Debbie Sessions (that’s me!)

Need costuming advice? Can’t find a clothing item? Frustrated that I couldn’t find vintage inspired clothing for the many vintage themed events my husband and I attend I set out to link to as many clothes as I could find online. Our mission is to connect you to the best vintage inspired clothing and costumes for sale online and teach you about vintage fashion history as worn by everyday people like you.

What are you looking for? Send me an email me directly or comment below and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction. VintageDancer.com does not sell any clothing directly. By clicking on the picture or title will be redirected to the online retailer selling the item.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Debbie, The Vintage Dancer

Please read the F.A.Q first before contacting me:

How do I order an item on your website?

VintageDancer.com does not sell any clothing directly. By clicking on the picture or title you will be redirected to the online retailer selling the item. You can then place your order.

Questions about Size? Shipping? Returns?

By clicking on one of the clothing pictures you will be re-directed to the online merchant’s website. On the website you should be able to find information about sizing, buying, shipping and returns. Each website/store is different so be sure to read about them before you buy.

Will you give me clothing to review on my blog/website/social media account, use in a photoshoot or giveaway as a donation?

See #1. Since I don’t sell any clothing directly which means I can not send out clothing for review. If you truly love the website, please share a link freely.

Where can I buy more clothing?

If you don’t find what you are looking for on VintageDancer.com you can probably find it on one of these two lists:

For women: http://vintagedancer.com/vintage/vintage-inspired-clothing-retro-clothing/

For men: http://vintagedancer.com/vintage/mens-vintage-inspired-clothing/

Do you buy vintage clothing? 

Sorry, I do not buy vintage clothing to resell on this website. We are a link source only, we do not sell clothing directly. I recommend selling vintage clothing on esty.com or ebay.com with as individual pieces or as a lot. For menswear try posting on the Fedora Lounge facebook page or these other Facebook selling groups.  Local vintage clothing shops may also be interested in buying your clothing. Do an online search for your city+vintage clothing for a list of shops in your area.

Who are you? Where are you located?

My name is Debbie Sessions and I am from Reno, Nevada USA. You can learn more about me, this website, and why the name Vintage Dancer here. 

How can my business be included? Do you have an Advertising program? 

Yes, look at the options here. http://vintagedancer.com/advertise/

Do you accept guest blog posts? Sponsored posts?

If you are a skilled writer with education in researching Fashion history I may have some options for you.

I can’t find an item you pictured on Pinterest?

Yes, that happens when an item sells out. In rare cases I can still find the item you want on another website. Here is a tip: Right Click the image of the item and select “Search Goggle for this Image.”  Usually this brings up other websites that have or still have the item for sale. If all else fails just email me what your looking for and I’ll see what else I can find for you (a link to a picture helps a lot.)

Where can I shop locally? or Rent costumes?

Start with a google search for “Your city + costumes” or “Your city + vintage clothing” or “your city + thrift store.”  Almost every city has a place to buy or rent costumes or resell vintage and thrift clothing.  If that search doesn’t help you try the phone book, ask friends, or ask the organization hosting the event you are attending. I probably can’t help you more than that unless you live in the Northern Nevada area.

I am located in the UK / Australia/ Non- US Country, can you help me shop?

Maybe. I am working on expanding the selection of clothing from the UK and Canada and in the future Australia as well. I will do my best to help you find something online, however I probably can’t help you find anything local to you.

Do you have a catalog?

Sorry I do not have a print catalog. We are an online website only.

Can you help me research fashion history?

Probably. I have a lot of vintage catalogs and research materials from the 1900s-1960s. Send me a request with what you are looking for and I will do my best to answer your questions or point you to other research materials. Researchers and students will find this article on “How Do I research Fashion History?” helpful.

Leave a reply to ask your question. I will respond to you by email within 24 hours.  You can also email me at help @ vintagedancer.com


11 thoughts on “Ask the Vintage Dancer!

  1. Hello, I am desperately trying to find retro inspired black and white saddle shoes, preferably with white EVA soles. I want them for dancing in. Would you have any contacts or advice on where to purchase these.
    Thank you

  2. Under the heading “40s patterns” you show a pattern for Princess Kate’s wedding gown–definitely not the 40s! Only about 6 years ago. (I know–I have that pattern and made that gown.)

  3. I have a simple question, do you know where I may purchase an old 1920’s men’s McCalls nightshirt pattern #2075. I’m currently still searching for said pattern. Would like to purchase it and redesign it for myself.


  4. Hi vintage dancer my name is Claudia I’m a 19-year-old college student and I have been trying to get into wearing vintage ladies underwear and I’ve been looking at girdles and I’ve bought one but I cant figure out how to use the restroom in one ,it seems awkward, any advice?

    • Does your girdle roll up? Most of them do, so you would just roll or fold up the bottom edge. If your girdle is just around the waist you can wear your high waist panties up and over the girdle instead of underneath.

  5. Love this webside! It gives me all I want to know about vintage clothing and style! And when I have a question, I get a response almost at once! this helps me a lot! Thank you vintagedancer!

  6. I asked above , not sure I wrote in the right section! I’m looking for the slacks Mary Tyler Moore wore in the dick van dyke show. Also Elizabeth Montgomery in early episodes of bewitched! They say they are cigarette pants. But not like I’ve seen today. They were not so tapered and they zipped on side or back. Went all the way to ankle. My mom had some. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE cannot find them. Or someone who would make them for me! If you know anything,I’d love some feedback! Laura altmann

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