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  1. Beautiful, ladylike, flattering and practical! It would be nice if people still knew how to dress “for the occassion!” I see too many people going out to dinner in a nice restaurant (not expensive, but a decent sit-down restaurant where one can order drinks and dinner to enjoy in peace and good company) and they are wearing dirty, torn clothing, dirty athletic shoes, clothes that don’t fit, or look like they just walked in from digging around in the garden, or painting the house. It really wrecks the whole mood. I’m not saying anyone has to wear formal gowns and jewels, just clean up and wear something clean that fits and doesn’t look like it came out of the dirty clothes hamper or the rag bag. Informality is one thing, but dirt and torn up clothing is totally different. It would be nice if people still had some sense of style and consideration for the others with whom they may come into contact. I think that was at least part of what drove the style guidelines of the times back then. Now, too many people just don’t care.
    It’s nice to see here that ladies used to know how to dress, and for no more than $2 or $3, you could do it up nicely!